May 30, 2011

monday musing: dreams into plans

As you can see I have not been adding any projects to this site recently. Since getting home from vacation, I have been able to start a few things but nothing is done yet. But I am getting there and each step feels VERY exciting.

This morning a friend on Facebook was asking for advice about a job that presented itself to her. It was something she wanted and had thought about but she was still unsure. A few of us told her to take a chance with this opportunity because we never know how something will play out until we try.

And that made me think of what message I wanted to post today for inspiration. I found this:

monday musing: dreams into plans @  the ordinary life of jannybean

[source: None via Sheena on Pinterest]
[buy the book at]

I love this quote. I believe that once we decide something WILL happen, we will almost automatically make it happen. In a lot of ways, I am trying to do this with my own ideas I have jotted on paper. Write the steps to the life you want and then follow them.

I have a new idea about something that was inspired by THIS post: collaborative art. Stay tuned.

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