free printable – meal planner – updated

Since I originally posted about my meal planning, I have made some tweaks based on my own use and some comments from people. I added 2 more days for those who like to plan the whole week, turned the paper upright, reduced the amount of groceries and added an area for notes (or a recipe). I am adding this version to download but keeping the original as well. Let me know what you guys think.

free printable: meal planner v.2

Download this free printable PDF (for personal use only).

So I have been meal planning for about 2 months now and can’t get over how awesome it is. We save money on groceries, but more than that, we aren’t throwing out rotten food that never got used, and I don’t stress in the evenings on what to make.

Now my meal planning system is based on advice I have been given from good friends and is very simple:

  • Pick 5 evening meals per week and buy groceries for those. (I don’t meal plan breakfast or lunch, just supper.)
  • Don’t decide what meal for what day, on your first day pick the meal you feel like cooking and cross it off your list.
  • Work your way through the list until you have made all five meals.

The reason you choose five meals is because two of the days will be leftovers. That depends really on what you make and how much you make. Often I find day 3 is a good leftover meal of day 1 & 2.

I love that this system is simple and flexible and just allows me to decide daily what I want to make but also removes the “what should we have for dinner” frustration in the kitchen.

I have made myself a pretty meal planning PDF that I am now using in my kitchen household files that combines my meal list with my grocery list. I added checkboxes to my grocery list as I HATE missing things when I am at the store.

free printable: meal planner

Download this free printable PDF (for personal use only). Enjoy!

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