When does a room feel done? The story of our kitchen.

** WARNING: The kitchen in these pictures is messier than it appears **

our kitchen - jannybean.ca

sigh! a clean kitchen

I cleaned the kitchen yesterday. REALLY cleaned the kitchen. You know when you clean the fridge, the sides of the dishwasher door, etc. And since it looked so good, I figured it was time to put it on the blog.

Our kitchen is definitely one of my favourite rooms in this house. Maybe even THE favourite room. And it has been that way since the beginning. Any extra budget was put into the kitchen to make sure it had the look and functionality we both wanted. When we worked with the builder we thought of who WE were and what was important to us. For instance, we scrapped granite countertops that had been included to put that money towards having the wood floor continue into the kitchen.

our kitchen - jannybean.ca

my favourite view in the kitchen

For some people the countertop is the most important. For us, we had lived with laminate for years and in the last house had VERY durable, texture coated laminate that held up REALLY well to abuse so we weren’t hesitant to go with that again. We went with a straight edge instead of a bullnosed one for a more modern aesthetic.

our kitchen - jannybean.ca

that fridge won't sparkle like that for long!

But this post is about more than just what elements I picked out when designing the kitchen. It is about when I felt like the kitchen had finally found it’s style. And honestly, that was yesterday. 🙂

The kitchen has lived through many levels of organization, and amounts of items/appliances on the counter. I loved the IDEA of my mixer being out but didn’t have quite the same space for it here as our last kitchen. It felt cluttered and I only use for baking which isn’t often so I don’t mind pulling it up from the cabinet I stored it in below.

our kitchen - jannybean.ca

i painted the door. Love it!

I had an Eiffel Tower statue/candle holder in the corner next to the radio. I love it. My sister bought it for me years ago and had to convince an airline it wasn’t a weapon to trek it across the country to me. But it also felt cramped there where it worked before. (It found a new better spot)

So yesterday as I was cleaning the kitchen, I started to shuffle things again. I moved out everything that didn’t belong in the kitchen and started to just put things where I wanted them. I was aware that didn’t want to go the other way and put too much stuff away and have no personality in the kitchen. I want it to feel open but NOT staged, decorated but not cluttered.

our kitchen - jannybean.ca

the Eiffel Tower's new home

And now, I can honestly say everything is right where I want it to be. The kitchen feels like me. Which is motivating for me to keep it looking this way.

Well, most of the time anyway, let’s get real people! 🙂

* Now all there is left to do is a) consider a natural fibre rug for under the table and chairs and b) re-stain the tabletop, paint the base white and paint the chairs black, (like this inspiration picture)