Apr 12, 2012

musings: patience

We are creating a backyard garden. It was something I have never considered until living in this house with it’s large backyard and farm like qualities. It is old farmland after all, of course we should build a garden.

And now, now that the frames have been created and the soil has been laid, I am excited. The idea of having fresh vegetables, fruit, and spices just makes me eager for summer. Which is ironic when you realize while creating a garden that impatience just doesn’t work.

This process is a learning one for us. We are eagerly figuring it out as we go. Of course you won’t catch us testing soil and suddenly perusing the horticulture section at the library. :) We just plan to plant some seeds and watch them grow. It really is that simple.

I mean, obviously gardening is not a natural thing for me nor is it a true passion of mine. If it was, I wouldn’t be 37 years old planting my first garden. And I know myself well enough to know that I won’t be spending hours toiling in the earth even when these seeds take root. That being said, I am excited and I know this will enrich me somehow. That I will grow alongside it.

In this day and age of information, sometimes it is the striving for perfection that stalls us. It hinders us. When our ancestors had to plant food to, well, eat, they did JUST that. Simple. They planted.

I know the beauty of a field full of wildflowers. I am surrounded by trees thriving in the shadows of larger trees. I know that nature really has it’s own rules and that although we like to think we can control and manipulate nature that, sometimes, we don’t have to. We can just enjoy its process.

That is my plan. Just enjoy the process.

Of course I will definitely post the first time we reaps the rewards of our little garden. Even if it is mini peppers or tiny tomatoes. They will make me smile.

our garden boxes

our garden boxes

[source: top picture adapted from Chiot’s Run on flickr / garden box picture taken using instagram ]

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