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master bedroom - rearranged -

When people are working on their house, whether it is renovating, redecorating or even just organizing, you often hear “the master bedroom is always the last place to do”. I guess the notion is that the rest of the house can be visited by family & friends and is more public and the master bedroom is just personal.

I always thought that the master bedroom should be one of the first rooms done. Any bedroom really should be first. When we moved, the kids rooms were definitely the top of my list because they were still very young and I wanted to make the transition from our old house an easy one and have their spaces, while different, feel familiar with their belongings around them.

But the master bedroom is just as important for different reasons.

We need a place that is calm and comfortable to retreat to at the end of the day. A place where life goes away for a bit and that allows us to recharge your batteries for tomorrow. We deserve that.

master bedroom - rearranged -

(Art Source: You & Me Print (bottom left) from Allison Cole)

Recently, as I have shown before and on Instagram. We switched up the bedroom layout. Because of this, I wanted to also switch up the art. So I looked at the frames I had that weren’t being used, shopped some things from other areas of my house and came up with these new layouts.

There is one rule that I strive for in our bedroom & ensuite. That it is about us. ONLY us. So the pictures hung are from trips my husband and I have taken without kids. Pictures from our story before kids. Us.

The kids are celebrated throughout the rest of the house. This space is for us to celebrate us.

Of course as the gallery walls have grown in the other rooms, I know that it will grow here as well.

master bedroom - rearranged -

(Art Sources: I’m So Happy Print (top left) from Graphic Anthology and New Zealand Print (far right) from Poppy & Pinecone.)

While I was cleaning and organizing and sorting through things, I found love letters from my husband and I spanning back to the VERY beginning. The start of our relationship was just before I moved half way across the country after graduating from college. So we wrote. During that time, he packed up and travelled to the other side of the world. So we wrote. After he moved to my city to live with me, he had to leave for 6 months for job training. So we wrote. I love that we began out story before emails and texting and that we have this tangible history to capture and save.

I decided that these letters needed to have a spacial place in our bedroom. They needed to be somewhere easily accesible that we could read them, re-read them and remember all those words that brought us right here. So I found a plain white box I bought a while back from the dollar store. Did a simple handwriting treatment on the top with black marker and called it a day. I love that they are now right there.

master bedroom - rearranged -

All I have left to do is makeover the fan (I want to paint the cage ORB and make it blend in more) and add some art to the large section of wall to the right of the bureau (I have something already in the works – post coming soon). And of course, still considering the drapes. Just not yet! 🙂

master bedroom - rearranged -

And of course, just because this room is FOR us and ABOUT us doesn’t mean the kids don’t spend any time in here. Quite the contrary.

morning cuddles -

Have a good one.