Oct 2, 2013

create: a tshirt throw

create: a tshirt throw - jannybean.ca

A couple of years ago, Little Man received his first tshirt that he was ENAMORED with. It was a Super Mario tshirt that my mom found for him in the States. He wore that thing almost daily. Once he outgrew it, it was a big deal for him to part with it, so I told him I would put it aside and make something out of it. Originally I thought a pillow as I had made a quilt pillow for his sisters room makeover.

Last weekend, we were going through his clothes in his dresser to rid all the ones he had outgrown and I remembered the stack of a few shirts I had saved. Ones he loved. I figured I had enough now to make something for him.

create: a tshirt throw - jannybean.ca

So I decided to make him a quick throw. Nothing too big, that would take me too long to make. Otherwise it would become something that would never get done. My goal was to start AND finish it in a few days. And I did.

I cut all his shirts into 12″ X 12″ squares as best as I could. One from the front and one from the back. Nice thing about jersey is that it is forgiving. Some squares were wonky. This also nicely gave me 2 of each colour which was nice.

I made a diagram of how I wanted the squares to lay out. I wanted it to look very random so I knew I need to think a lot about that. (Ironic isn’t it!). I didn’t want the colours to touch and I wanted the graphics to be facing all different directions. I didn’t want an UP on this blanket.

create: a tshirt throw - jannybean.ca

For the backing I used a flannel sheet that we had bought but wasn’t our favourite to use on our bed. I figured this was a better use of that cozy flannel. I laid the quilted side out and quickly cut around it to make the back. (Seriously, no measuring. I was NOT going for perfection!)

create: a tshirt throw - jannybean.ca

I sewed up the quilt like a pillow and turned it inside out and then stitched around the outside and down all the seams.

create: a tshirt throw - jannybean.ca


create: a tshirt throw - jannybean.ca

Again, this is NOT perfect. It is a slightly wonky shape. There are a couple of little gathers in the stitching on the back. But I love how it turned out. And so did he! So much so that he slept with it last night.

And the funny thing in the end was what he told me “Mom, it’s PERFECT!”

What things would you love to do but are afraid because you want it to be perfect?

14 thoughts on “create: a tshirt throw

  1. Anne

    Turned out AWESOME! Love it!!! I have a stack of Hope’s shirts aside as well (that I can’t part with…she probably doesn’t remember half of them!) I wanted to do this or pillows. Step one…get sewing machine fixed! Which reminds me…did you use your sewing machine or serger?

    1. janet

      Thanks. I am really happy with it even with its imperfections. :)

      I used both but really didn’t have to use the serger but I like finished edges. Even when you can’t see them.

  2. Anne@DesignDreams

    Wonky is my middle name! It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful – I can’t remember which blogger has that for a motto but it’s a good one!!! Love your throw!

    1. janet

      Thanks Anne. Love your middle name. ;)

      I know Nesting Place has a motto like you mention. I love that idea. We get so frazzled at the idea of mistakes that we don’t change anything. You see so many houses with builder beige for that reason.

  3. Hannah

    I love this. It’s adorable and I love how quickly you made it. Sometimes the best things are the ones made with love.

    Too shmushy?

    My husband has t-shirts he’s still attached to but that are not as…ahem…tidy looking as they once were. It’s not just little boys! I love this idea though, perhaps I shall start a t-shirt pile for him.


  4. Stephanie

    My partner has a tonne of concert T-shirts that he refuses to throw out, despite the stains and rips. I will make him a quilt and then they won’t be taking up storage space and he can enjoy seeing them on a regular basis (he probably won’t use it as something to keep him warm, but more of a decorative piece for the music room.)Yours turned out wonderfully and I really appreciate the sketch of your plan. It’s true, something “random” takes patience and planning!

    1. janet

      Thanks Stephanie.

      I love the idea of doing this with concert tshirts. That would be an awesome visual history for your partner. Take pictures!!

  5. Janet

    Hi Janet
    LOVE how it turned out. Its adorable that your son thinks it’s perfect. Because really, that’s what perfection is – when the recipient loves it that much. I am totally inspired to get out my kids’ old shirts now. They’ve been in my closet far too long.
    Great job!

    1. janet

      Thanks Janet…

      I agree. Our sense of perfection towards ourselves is ALWAYS more daunting then to someone else. It’s a good reminder now and then.

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