Mar 25, 2015

create: a framed memento

In my office, I have my walls covered with things that make me smile daily as I work. And quite a few are special mementoes from life that just add to the collection that defines me.

I have my grandmother’s handkerchief canvas, my other grandmother’s signature, some of my kidlet’s artwork and more.

This time, I decided to frame something else of one of my grandparents.

When I was home last year, helping my mother go through some of my grandmother’s things, we came across a box of my grandfather’s bow ties. I lost my grandfather years ago when I was 12 but I definitely remember him often dressed in a short sleeve dress shirt and a bow tie. Coming across these in a box felt very special to me. I asked my mom to pick out a few she could remember wearing often and she picked out these three.

create: a framed memento - an ordinary life of jannybean

With all the decluttering I have been doing in my office, I find I have come across more things that I put aside to wait for a moment to finish. And some were so simple that I just decided to finish it now.

So I grabbed my supplies and set to attaching the bow ties to the mat board.

create: a framed memento - an ordinary life of jannybean

I knew because of the shape of the back of the bow ties, that I couldn’t just hot glue them on and except them to stand up. I wanted something sturdier. So I poked holes on each side and tied the thread around the clips to hold the ties in place.

create: a framed memento - an ordinary life of jannybean

All three ties look great in an Ikea Ribba shadowbox frame hung right next to my computer where I can see them. They look like a cool art piece but for me they are also a very special memento.

create: a framed memento - an ordinary life of jannybean

How do you display your mementos?

6 thoughts on “create: a framed memento

  1. BeingNath

    Love this…such a great idea!
    I am many steps behind as my mementos are still in boxes and frames are stacked against the wall that I want to hang them on…perhaps this is the push I need to finally get the task done.

    1. Janet Post author

      Thanks Nathalie!

      I think my motto is just start. Even if you only hang a couple to begin. And then add. It will make you smile daily. :)

  2. Gisele

    I love this Janet! This is a special keepsake for sure, and what great color and pattern-bonus :)

    1. Janet Post author

      Thanks G! We were very lucky to be able to pick out three that go so well together!

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