letting something go isn’t the same as letting someone down

letting something go isn't the same as letting someone down - the ordinary life of jannybean

I haven’t been writing on my blog lately. It’s been almost a month actually.

It’s been a very busy season in our household, with my husband’s work/travel schedule, my freelance work picking up and the kids starting their summer activities and ending their spring ones.

Basically it has been a juggling act.

And I don’t juggle very well.

In fact, I don’t juggle at all. I have mentioned this before.

So when push comes to shove often something has to give. There are a lot of things it CAN be. And some things it CAN’T.

I can’t let go of my family obligations or time spent with them. My health comes next (a new promise that I am trying to uphold to myself), so although somedays I would like to, I am keeping up with my commitment to run 4-5 times a week. And of course my job comes next.

Anything else is fair game to be ignored. That includes this blog and sometimes even the laundry until it HAS to be done.

At times this would make me feel anxious. Like I was letting someone down by not keeping all these balls in the air.

But letting something go isn’t the same thing as letting someone down.

To be honest if I wear myself out trying to constantly juggle the seasons of life perfectly, the only person I will be letting down will be me.

And I am worth more consideration than that.