monday musings

life: knowing my limitations

life: knowing my limitations -

So I haven’t been around in a while. We drove home last minute as family to the East Coast and then days after I got back I flew home again with a friend for a few days. It’s been a busy month. Now I am back and trying to get into the groove of work, […]


monday tuesday musing: dishes can wait

So life has been crazy hectic these days. My husband is away for work for over a week, the kids both started soccer so that occupies four nights a week (and I signed up to manage BOTH teams, whose brilliant idea was that?? Oh, right.) and of course everything else that end of school year […]


monday musing – embracing the imperfect

So a couple weeks ago I purchased this new book called the Nesting Place. It is this fantastic decorating-but-not-decorating book by the women behind It is more a philosophy book. Her message is “It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful”. To surround yourself with object and colours and things you love. To […]


monday musing: choosing joy

I designed this graphic with flowers because spring is here. Well, spring is SUPPOSED to be here but looking out onto our backyard that is still full of snow, you wouldn’t know it. It has been a long winter. In some ways it has been a tough winter. I was getting really frustrated with how […]


monday musing: taking the time to adapt

I have been thinking a lot this week about my adaptability. As we age, I think we are less open to change. Often just the IDEA of change can be scary. But I have been focusing on embracing change and the things that will come after. Almost a year ago, I gave up coffee for […]