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our house: gravel drive

pinterest project: our driveway - the ordinary life of jannybean

So I realized I hadn’t posted about the outside of out house. Mostly because I didn’t actually do the work myself. These pictures are from last year and I can’t wait for the grass to start turning green so I can take more photos with our new flowering shrubs (when they flower). Last summer we […]


pinterest project: quilted coasters

pinterest project - coasters -

So by trying to take more time to do crafty things that inspire me, I have begun to look back at my pins in my pinterest boards and see what small projects I can do that will make me happy and aren’t too labour intensive. Like my ruler height chart and my art caddy, these […]


our house: a pinterest project – ruler height chart

So I love pinterest (my boards are here). I have to make sure I am not on TOO often because there is a time vortex associated with it if you are to careful. But sometimes there are projects on pinterest I really want to do. And this was one of them. I wanted to make […]


create: instagram photo magnets

create: instagram photo magnets - the ordinary life of jannybean

I love instagram (you can follow me here: jannybeanca). I love the snippets of life that it shows. I also love that most of the photos I take aren’t staged or perfect but real. I have also seen instagram magnets sold online at places like here and here but didn’t love the price tag. Last […]


create: an art caddy for organizing the art supplies

create: an art caddy - the ordinary life of jannybean

We love art. Art is always in the works in our house. There is a in our kitchen right near the kitchen table that houses all the kidlets’ art supplies and puzzles/games. When we first moved here, I created bin with labels to house the different supplies and that worked for us for quite a […]